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Top 5 Document Management Software Features

    March 14, 2017 Leave a comment document management software ICM Admin

    top-5.jpgWhich top 5 features trend as the most important to businesses looking to buy or replace their document management software? Read on to find what we've found over decades of experience and in working with hundreds of customers.

    1. Secure Document Storage

    Document access should be permission-based at the group, user and even document level. Your documents should be centrally stored and accessible from any location, at any time. Documents stored in the Cloud are also safeguarded from disasters at your company’s location.

    2. Retention Compliance

    Retention features enable the assignment of multiple retention schedules for documents, as well as scheduling automatic electronic destruction of files. This ensures your company remains compliant with government regulations and/or organizational policies.

    3. Mobility

    A web-based solution can be deployed as Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) or Licensed on Premise. A responsive design provides a tailored user experience based on the device being used; computer, tablet, or phone. Mobile document management software should be compatible with all modern browsers including; IE, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

    4. Integration / API

    A document management software designed with an 'open' architecture in mind, meaning that data/documents can easily be exported out of the system, can be migrated to any other system. It’s important that your documents are not compressed or altered in any way and that they can be extracted out of the software in their native, original format.

    5. Point-and-Click Configurability

    Ideally, the document management software you choose is developed, published, and implemented by the selling vendor. As such, a resident IT Team can provide fully customized development to meet virtually any requirement or platform. If the vendor, or re-seller, is unable to perform customization you may be stuck with out-of-the-box features or be forced to work with third-parties to achieve customization.

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