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Our Software Solutions

  • Nearly 30 years experience automating document-centric business processes
  • Resident IT, Project Management and Support Staff
  • Software products developed, published, implemented and supported 100% in-house
  • A 97% customer retention rate
  • Hundreds of successful implementations across small to medium businesses up to Fortune 50
  • Customized solutions available according to your needs

Our Scanning Services

  • 30 years experience digitizing government, education, manufacturing and aerospace documentation; to name a few
  • Resident CDIA imaging experts and IT staff to address technical requirements
  • Federally-secure production environment to ensure safekeeping of customer documents while in process
  • Custom developed tools and systems to address production, quality assurance, indexing and file transfer processes
  • Staff, shifts and equipment to support virtually any volume
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosted Environment